MIPI´s board

The documentation centre is lead by a board. The board members are appointed by the Government of Greenland.

The following recommends members for the board: Ilisimatusarfik - the university of Greenland, The greenlandic National Library - Groenlandica, Statistics Greenland, the municipalities national assosiation KANUKOKA and the ministers that have following areas of responsibility: day care institutions, governments schools, health, prevention and social affairs.



Chairwoman of MIPI - Documentation Centre on Children and Youth and seniorconsultant in KANUKOKA, appointed by KANUKOKA

Kisea Bruun


Vice chairman of MIPI - Documentations Centre on Children and Youth and associate professor at Ilisimatusarfik, appointed by Ilisimatusarfik - University of Greenland

Wolfgang Kahlig                                   



Special consultant, appointed by Statistics Greenland

Anders Blaabjerg


Medical Consultant. Appointed by Naalakkersuisoq that has health and prevention as areas of responsibility.

Birgit Niclasen


Psychologist. Appointed by Naalakkersuisoq that has daycare and public schools as areas of responsibility.

Naja Lyberth


Head of department in the departement of social affairs. Appointed by Naalakkersuisoq that has social affairs as an area of responsibility.

Susie Marthin



Appointed by the National Library 

Elisa Jeremiassen







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