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Violence and Children (working title)

There are several greenlandic studies that show that violence is a problem in Greenland. A study of the population from 2005-2007 shows that 59 % of the adult population has been exposed to different kinds of violence at some point in their life (Bjerregaard, 2008). Another study shows that every 4th woman is exposed to violence, while every 25th man is exposed to violence (Bjerregaard, 2004). That indicates that it is likely that a part of the children in Greenland are witnesses to violence and that a part of the children themselves are exposed to violence. The child does not have to be exposed to violence in order to be negatively influenced by the violence. To see or hear violence between parents can influence the child as much as violence exposed to the child itself. International studies have shown that violence in the family has negative consequences for the child and it increases the risc of the child developing traumas, aggressiv behavior and the likes.

The project Violence and Children is going to be a larger study that identifies several areas on the subject violence and children. 

The project is expected to last 2-3 years. 


Public meeting with the title: Criminal youth

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